Rebel House

The Rebel House facade tiling as meaningful matter: a new life for residual waste for air quality improvement.

It was love at first sight when architect Cas van der Zanden came into contact with my glaze collection during a studio visit with TU Delft architecture students. He immediately saw opportunities for the cladding of Rebel House.

The story of the glaze:

During the production process in various industries, people can be exposed to harmful, often carcinogenic, particulate matter. It is important to keep this exposure as low as possible. At companies who care for their employee's health, the working environment is cleared from harmful air pollution. Every square meter of these ceramic tiles contributes to 400.000 m3 of purified air, by ENS Clean Air.

Improving indoor air also reduces emissions to the environment.

Meaningful matter: a new life for residual waste for air quality improvement.

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Design process

This bronze glaze from Clean Air City Ceramics is composed with captured particulate matter from industrial working environments.

The choice fell on a waste-glaze that integrates 40% parts by weight of Particulate Matter in the recipe, harvested by ENS Clean Air.

The particulate matter is included in the melt of all glaze components in the newly formed molecular structure of the glaze mass.

Reduce particulate matter – Reuse accumulatedwaste – Reintroduce circular glazes.

“The thin tile supports the monolithic quality and has infinite possibilities in color, texture, pattern, degree of gloss, light-dark, rough-smooth. An endless world that you never tire of.”

Cas van der Zanden
architect - owner of studio Wittehaai
Rebel House is an unconventional holiday home, on display until Oktober 9 at the Floriade Expo 2022 in Almere.

Art, craft, science and technology come together at design studio Wittehaai, to create inspiring architecture. The ceramic facade finish is a co-creation of Studio Christine Jetten and Wittehaai. Rebel House was built for EuroParcs, with Giel Hendrix as the inspiring manager of innovation 'green holiday parcs'.

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