Doha Metro Network, Qatar

Special areas are finished with a hexagonal ceramic tile, with a custom-made light blue pearlescent glaze.

Christine Jetten was invited to take part in the design team. The shaping of the tile, the designing of the geometry and the relief, happened in an ongoing dialogue between all team members.

The materialisation principles are experienced through a duality of a pure, modest exterior versus a rich, illuminated mother of pearl effect interior. To create public spaces that enhance the urban experience at the pedestrian scale and build new habits for the Doha community.


International Award 2020, Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation

International Property Awards 2016, Public Service Architecture

Design process

The design process started with visual references and experimentation, and ends with the knowledge being transferred to a manufacturer.

Christine has an excellent ability for translating a design question into a custom glaze. But even more than that, thanks to her knowledge and experience, she is in an excellent position to develop the custom product into an industrial application. That's a real advantage for mega projects; I don't know anyone else who is as skilled as she is on both fronts'.

Arjan Dingste
Director | Senior Architect
The interior vaults will be covered with tiles in a hexagonal shape. Ceramics and tiles exemplify Islamic architecture.

There was quite a lot of interaction between UNStudio and Studio Christine Jetten. 'In 2014, I was constantly researching glazes. I had been given renderings of the building as a source of inspiration; these formed the guiding principle for my initial glaze research'. It was actually the chosen form of co-creation that led to the final result. 'I showed the architects the samples and let them experience for themselves different glaze properties, which constantly gave rise to new ideas for the design. My information about and experience with production techniques also led to basic design principles. Through this consultative process, the original choice of large panels gradually gave way to the decision to use small hexagonal tiles with a relief'.

International Award 2020, Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation
International Property Awards, Public Service Architecture

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