Out of Metal - Automotive meets Architecture

Five artists got selected to design 3D facade cladding while using the companies knowledge, equipment, techniques. The automotive world in contact with art and architecture.

In the search for unplanned challenges and new approaches to their production technique, Voestalpine Polynorm Bunschoten invited five artists for a 3-days stay to come up with a design to develop 3D cladding possibilities for modern architecture. Three proposals got selected by a jury and prototyped.

Design process

The participants got 3 days to come up with a design for a new approach, suitable for modern architecture. Christine Jetten got inspired by the tracking-, cutting- and bending stamping process: from flat to spatial, from closed to open and from line to shape.

The companies commitment to innovation has been further inspired and strengthened even more. This result not only offered new technology challenges but also introduced an inspiring new language of form for 3D façade cladding.

Willem Develing
Manager 3D cladding

Light filter panels, causing air flow and showing a surprising play of light- and shadow patterns.

Christine Jetten's design is one of the winning designs to be prototyped and shown at fairs.

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